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Avatar This is my personal/portfolio site which I publish items of interest, scripts, technical information and ramblings.

This site has evolved from being my test folder for scripts and designs into what you see today.

The site is currently hosted on Microsoft Azure.

[New PC Build @ PC Part Picker]Saturday 30th August 2014

AerganMy Dell L702X died (motherboard failure) so I've built a more sturdy Mini-ITX replacement:

Posted by: Aergan

[Blog]Saturday 26th April 2014

AerganI've created a Wordpress blog to cover my Master System II RetroPie project:

Posted by: Aergan

[CPUID CPU-Z]Friday 23rd August 2013

AerganIf CPU-Z is crashing after loading display information on start-up, add the following to your cpuz.ini file (Same directory as the application EXE):
This seems to be either a Windows 8 feature for dual GFX cards or likely an Nvidia Optimus issue.

Posted by: Aergan

[Playstation Network]Monday 27th May 2013

PSN Profile - Aergan

Posted by: Aergan

[Site update]Sunday 18th November 2012

AerganAdded and fixed a few things:

  • Removed Zune as it would appear that the XML services are dead from the switch to Xbox Music.
  • Added pages support to News (Navigation at the bottom of the page)
  • Performance & CSS fixes

Posted by: Aergan

[Xbox 360 Wireless Remote Control]Thursday 30th August 2012

AerganNew Applications Section and a new application for control of Windows, XBMC or Windows Media Center.


OS: Windows NT 6.X
Arch: x86/x64
H/W: Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver USB and any Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Control Pad.

Fixed broken download link.

Posted by: Aergan

[On Home-plugs]Friday 3rd August 2012

AerganWhen adding an Edimax 200 AV home-plug to an existing Belkin AV+ 200 setup, believe in Belkin's instructions which even cover practical scenarios and deployment options.

It's less than 3 seconds and more than 10 seconds, Edimax, not 10s and 30s.

No wonder I bought it listed as faulty from eBay.

Posted by: Aergan

[New Host & Domain Transfer]Saturday 14th July 2012

AerganChanged hosting and domain registrar to

Some improvements made (mostly bugs squished) plus I now have server performance information from the host and MySQL. It would appear I need to perform quite a bit of optimisation on the back-end (In progress).

Posted by: Aergan

[Xbox 360 Game Wont Install]Monday 9th April 2012

AerganHad major issues trying to install Sonic Generations on my Xbox 360S (320GB HDD) recently. Trying to install the game results in it hanging at the "Installing game" screen, just before the Storage Device selection prompt. I believe it's due to having Cloud Storage enabled because it's worked fine before.

To resolve this annoying issue, simply sign out of your profile then try installing the game again. Afterwards, you can sign back in and resume playing.

Posted by: Aergan

[Flaout 3: Chaos and Destruction - Really? Is it now...]Sunday 22nd January 2012

AerganWow, "Flatout 3: Chaos and Destruction" is total and complete crap. I'll rant about it here:

  1. Loading screens that don't actually display loading progress, just a pre-drawn bar stuck at 30% for 45 seconds.
  2. Team 6 decided to abandon 3 titles worth of game art, redraw them with a LiteBrite and scan them into the game using a hand-held barcode scanner.
  3. Why use Havok as a physics engine when you can use "IF (polyA.width = polyB.left) Then MoveAwaySlowly(polyA)" 20,000 times? Who ever heard of 3 polygons or more in a game anyway.
  4. Every thing is fully destructible! Except barriers, iron work, trees, railings, debris, parked cars, curbs, fences, plant life and dust.
  5. Boost doesn't only (not) make you go any faster, it makes you go up.
  6. That pesky water was everywhere on tracks in the first 3 FlatOut games but it's OK, they've removed it now - Entirely.
  7. Skidding and power-sliding woes? Cars now have greatly improved handling. They only go up, left and occasionally right now.
  8. If you have a 1080p display don't worry, they've filled up the entire left hand-side of the screen with the sonar display from the Nautilus.
  9. Controller? Xinput? Rumble? You speaketh in tongues, this is a PC game, who uses a controller on a PC? R for Respawn silly, and Up for Up!
  10. Characters are available in wide range of 3 formats; Celebrity rip offs, modeled on a lunch break and unfinished.
  11. Cars can be "tuned" to two unique presets; Classic (Broken beyond all repair) and Custom 2011 (Broken but can go left now and right occasionally).
  12. Not bitter, honest.
Link to fake "Flatout 3 game":
Link to a real FlatOut 3 game:

Posted by: Aergan

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